Fiber :- Up to 1 ,tight buffer fiber

Fiber Type:-single-mode or Multimode

Cable type:-Tight buffered

Strength Member:-Aramid Yarn

Sheath option:-LSZH ,PVC

Operating Temperature:- -20℃ +70℃

Compliances:- In Accordance with IEC,ITU and EIA standards

Optical Fiber (dB/km) 62.5μm (850nm/1300nm) 50μm (850nm/1300nm) G652D/Nova (1310nm/1550nm) G657A1 (1310nm/1550nm)
Max attenuation 3.5/1.5 3.5/1.5 0.4/0.3 0.4/0.3
Typical value 3.0/1.0 3.0/1.0 0.32/0.22 0.31/0.21
Cable typeMaximum coresCable diameter
Tensile StrengthCrush ResistanceMimimum bend radius
Short termLong termShort termLong termDynamicstatic
Tight buffer fiber10.86030100506030
Tight buffer fiber10.912060100506030

Packing:- Wooden drums

Lengths(tolerance ±5%):- 2km,3km,4km  

Note:- Customised drum lengths available on request.

Sheath printing details:- LUMIFLEX Fiber Type, Fiber Count, Product Type, Month and year of Production, Special ID, Meter Marking.